Why do other people don't go to university?

Answer some feel that going to the university may be too much, may be too much stress, so they go to Community college, I feel that you make the best decision. If you are a person who can disregard distra... Read More »

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Why do some people get the flu and other people in same house dont?

Some may practice better hygiene; some may have immunity from other bouts with the flu; others may simply have a better immune system that responds without making them sick, and some people just ar... Read More »

Can you still get into a 4 year university if you dont take 2 years of a language?

It has become very difficult to. In addition, by taking a foreign language in high school there is the possibility you test out of the foreign language requirement in college.

Other reasons my mom dont let me mbe vegetarian...?

OK. 1. Soya products-such as tofu and tempeh-contain all the essential amino acids found in animal protein and are actually higher in protein than some meats.The human body doesn't actually need m... Read More »

Why dont people like some people who are not mean and they are mean to them?

This has bullies written ALL OVER IT! GEES CANT PEOPLE JUST GET ALONG? No not all, sorry. Its just jealousy and insecurities within themselves. One day they will learn and follow the good, if you a... Read More »