Why do opiates help my depression?

Answer Opiates are drugs derived from the opium poppy. While they affect everyone differently, feelings of euphoria, improved mood and relaxation are possible side effects of opiates. Overall, opiates a... Read More »

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How to Come Off of Opiates?

Have you wanted to kick that nasty opiate habit that has been consuming every minute of your life? Follow these steps and you will surely succeed in your goal. These steps are for kicking the habit... Read More »

Are percocet and codiene both opiates?

Codeine is an opiate...Percocet is a semi-synthetic opiate...they will probably both show up in a urine test if it is tested by a doctor (not too sure about the percocet though), but you have a pre... Read More »

Are opiates used to treat asthma?

Opiates, or opioids, are not standard treatment options for asthma. Opiates generally treat pain, severe cough or diarrhea and addictions. Asthma is generally treated with corticosteroids, bronchod... Read More »

Were opiates used to treat asthma in the old west?

According to the Addiction Research Unit at the University at Buffalo, opiates were used extensively for asthma during the late 19th century. Patent medicines, such as Glyco-heroin, Frazer's Anti-a... Read More »