Why do opiates help my depression?

Answer Opiates are drugs derived from the opium poppy. While they affect everyone differently, feelings of euphoria, improved mood and relaxation are possible side effects of opiates. Overall, opiates a... Read More »

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How to Come Off of Opiates?

Have you wanted to kick that nasty opiate habit that has been consuming every minute of your life? Follow these steps and you will surely succeed in your goal. These steps are for kicking the habit... Read More »

Does the sun help depression?

On One Hand: The Sun's Effects on MoodStudies have shown that people's minds produce more serotonin on lighter days than on darker days. People with depression have been documented as experiencing ... Read More »

Does hrt at 61 help depression?

On One Hand: HRT May Help DepressionAt 61, most women are considered postmenopausal. The American Federation for Aging (AFAR) presented the findings of two studies conducted with postmenopausal wom... Read More »

How to Help Your Depression?

You can get yourself out of thisAre you depressed? It sucks, and you know it. Do you want to help yourself out, but are not sure how? Well, you've come to the right place.