Do you eat only the ugly animals, or the cute ones too like bunnys and lamb?

Answer I eat em all deer, rabit, lamb, goat, squrrel, and hunt, kill, and clean just bout all of em to. (Except the lamb and goat and domesticated animals like such).

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Why are pretty girls so insecure, as for the ugly ones, who are always confident and swear they look good?

Maybe because pretty girls are expected to always look good, so if something goes wrong on their face or body, they'll think everybody wont find them as pretty. 'Ugly girls', on the other hand, don... Read More »

Is it true that the only asian girls that date/marry white american guys are the ugly ones ?

Obviously not every single one is ugly but there's some truth to this generalisation.First, whites are poor judges of Asian beauty. They often think the ugly ones are pretty based on their notion o... Read More »

Why do ugly girls like to pick on other ugly girls?

to make themselves feel betterbtw love your name! AL is AWESOME!!!

Are skinny girls the only pretty ones?

Skinny does not equal pretty. I've seen many unattractive skinny women. Some heavy women are also good looking, but sadly their extra weight distracts from their basic attractiveness.Weight and a... Read More »