Why are pretty girls so insecure, as for the ugly ones, who are always confident and swear they look good?

Answer Maybe because pretty girls are expected to always look good, so if something goes wrong on their face or body, they'll think everybody wont find them as pretty. 'Ugly girls', on the other hand, don... Read More »

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Why do ugly girls like to pick on other ugly girls?

to make themselves feel betterbtw love your name! AL is AWESOME!!!

My sister is really ugly. What makes her ugly is cheeks on her face. And she has a triple chin. Its so ugly! ?

That's something really mean to say about your sister. And thats hilarious the donut thing. LOLZ!! As long as she is okay with it then you should be too. And don't worry about other people!! And if... Read More »

How to Go from Ugly to Popular (Girls)?

The age old question is, “What do guys really like?” The answer is not what many girls think. Here are some things that will greatly increase your success.

Am I ugly or unattractive Girls?

No not at all I am actually experiencing the same problem right now but what my mom tells me that I'm probably just imtimadting looking lol but anyways you shouldn't change who you are just to impr... Read More »