Why do only 'some' of my youtube accounts feature 3D?

Answer Dunno

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Do youtube views only count to youtube accounts or does it count to anyone that views the video?

1 count per IP address. YouTube counts sucks big time. There are sites in existence that allow you to spend money to get views. This is what makes the view count pathetic on YouTube. I do not e... Read More »

Can you use the YouTube and safari feature anywhere on the ipod touch?

AnswerIn order to use Safari and YouTube you need to be connected to the internet... hence you would need to be where there is a wireless internet connection, therefore you wouldn't be able to use ... Read More »

ON You Tube i can only get a few songs from one playlist to put as my feature vid. How can i fix this ?

Shy ask Ally she will know as she does it all the time. XX00

GIRLS ONLY... what facial feature do you look at first on a guy?

Ranking in order from first sight (not from thought, just impulse):1. Hair (gross, long, short, pretty, color, etc.)2. Any piercings/tattoos in bad spots (ears is the extent 4 piercing, the rest ca... Read More »