Why do older homes have two front doors?

Answer While traveling in either Pennsylvania or the South, you may notice a peculiar theme consistent among some of the older homes there: They have two front doors.Pennsylvania German FarmhouseThe Penns... Read More »

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Why were some of those old country homes built with two front doors?

i googled it to confirm my suspicions... “there's a very logical reason for this. one door leads into the "keeping room", where the family keeps house. The keeping room contains the large firepl... Read More »

How come in older homes...?

because in the old homes they used small pipe to plumb the whole house, in the newer homes they begin with larger pipe and taper down as the lines split off so there is not as much pressure drop in... Read More »

How to Add on to Older Homes?

When building an addition, it's important to construct an addition that harmonizes with the architectural design of an older home. Try to avoid building a new space that looks out of character with... Read More »

How to Paint Hardwood Floors when Restoring Older Homes?

Painting hardwood floors can be a good way to create a different appearance or texture in your home. This article explains how to do it.