Why do older dogs shed big clumps of hair?

Answer As dogs age, they undergo skin and coat changes which can result in hair loss. However, excessive shedding can indicate other health problems and should be examined by a veterinarian.SignificanceIt... Read More »

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Why do dogs shed their hair?

According to, all dogs shed, with the exception of the few hairless breeds. It is a natural way of removing the body's dead hair, and learning a bit more about it may help you cont... Read More »

Do Shih Tzu dogs shed hair?

All dog breeds shed hair in either minute or great amounts. Despite the Shih Tzu's long and thick fur, this breed only sheds a small amount of hair, making grooming relatively simple.Source:Complet... Read More »

Hair Loss in Older Dogs?

As your dog grows older, you will notice changes in his appearance. The lenses of his eyes could turn a bluish gray color. His muscles will shrink and he could lose weight. Hair loss is not uncommo... Read More »

How to Cut Clumps Off Long-Haired Dogs?

Long-haired dogs are susceptible to tangled and matted fur. The clumps of fur can irritate the skin and make your dog feel uncomfortable. Combing and brushing the matted dog hair can become frustra... Read More »