Why do old injuries hurt in bad weather?

Answer Because of the change in barometric pressure. It's kind of like how dogs know when a storm is coming.

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Do changes in the weather cause you much pain from old injuries?

I've known several people with arthritis who said their joint stiffness and pain increased during rainy weather, and diminished when it was dry. Almost every one of them said they could tell in ad... Read More »

Why does a paper cut seem to hurt more than other comparable minor injuries?

The fingers have many pain receptors in them, paper cuts do not bleed much so the exposure to the air irritates them more. There is also fibres in paper and possibly bleach as well, so this will ir... Read More »

When you have a healing fracture does cold/damp weather make it hurt more?

Yes. I broke my tibia when I was 12 from a skateboard. I'm 46 and I still at times will feel pain due to exercise or weather. You may want to wrap it with that ACE bandage for a few days(loosely) a... Read More »

Why does arthritis hurt so much more when the weather is cool and wet Other than moving to Arizona, what can?

There appears to be a connection between barometric [pressure] changes and arthritis flareups. The theory goes likes this:"A drop in air pressure (which often accompanies cold, rainy weather) allo... Read More »