Why do old bottles of aspirin smell like vinegar?

Answer Certain signs can indicate that a medication has gone beyond its effective date. All medication, even bottled medication, can undergo chemical changes that render it useless. Odor is one sign that ... Read More »

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What would make you smell like vinegar?

You should have your blood sugars checked. This happens when fatty acids are broken down. Acetone is formed. It cannot be used in the cell, and it is a volatile, so it is expelled through the skin ... Read More »

Why would well water smell like vinegar?

Well water when left by itself for a long time can lead to the creation of hydrogen sulfide that can smell like vinegar or rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that thrives on decay of plants and... Read More »

Why do my cat parts smell like pork rinds and salt and vinegar chips?

You've been rolling around with your food again haven't you? That's okay, I still love you and will lick your cat parts for you if need be. That's what we kitty friends do. Can I bring a friend... Read More »

How do i use vinegar to clean plastic bottles?

Soak a paper towel or cloth in vinegar, and squeeze out the excess liquid.Run the paper towel over the inside and outside of the plastic bottle. If the bottle's opening is too small to fit your han... Read More »