Why do non-vegetarians always eat veggie burgers at a bbq?

Answer Because they think its healthier or they want to try it out.

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Home-style Veggie Burgers...?…this recipe has egg in it, but you can get egg replacer if you don't want egg.…so has this one. Read More »

Hot Dogs Or Veggie Dogs Hamburgers Or Veggie Burgers?

Hot dogs are Yankee stadium or Red Sox stadium. Have a good time. I meant to look up the date of the Fri. game and forgot of the Series. I'll do it later. Goodnight yourself Scooter.

How to Make Black Bean Veggie Burgers?

Yummmm...Black Bean Veggie Burgers. If you want something that is vegetarian, or just a little different, try this recipe.This recipe is vegetarian, not vegan.

Are tofu veggie burgers supposed to be really greasy?

no but i wanna go to trader joes so bad =(