Which camera do you guys think look nice?

Answer The most gorgeous camera I have ever laid my eyes on is the Hasselblad H4D-30 Ferrari Edition. If you know how to use it, it will take stunning pictures all the time.Among the two, I recommend the ... Read More »

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Do nice guys tell a girl she is "chubby"?

What is a nice gesture to do for the construction guys working on my new office?

Nothing says thanks, like paying the bill on time!If you must do something, and I know you do.....Beer and Pizza usually makes a dog happy!

I was wonderin.. do guys prefer girls hu r fat but nice or skinny but bitchy.?

I've dated women of all shapes and sizes- from 5'0' and 98# to 6'0" and 298#. Cool and nice makes up for a lot of extra pounds, but being too much of a pushover can be as much of a turn-off as bei... Read More »

(For guys mostly) do you like women to have a nice toned butt, or a fat butt?

I nice toned butt all the way. I'll take that butt over a bigger butt that is not well toned.