Why do newborns keep on sleeping?

Answer Perhaps to Minmize the noise and other signals that must be produced by the brain. Being crushed and shot through a tube under compression is probably very tiring too. But more than likely, there i... Read More »

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How many hours per day do newborns spend sleeping?

Why does my dog keep sleeping at my feet?

Dogs can make wonderful companions, however as much as they are members of the family, they are still animals and prone to instinctive animal behavior. One instinctive behavior that may surprise yo... Read More »

Pillows to Keep Neck Straight While Sleeping?

Pillows, along with mattresses and sleeping positions, affect your sleeping posture. A pillow supports your neck, which in turn has to support the weight of your head. If your pillow doesn't suffic... Read More »

How do you keep your face warm while sleeping in a cold environment, in or out-side?

Hi H, I make sure I have a good hydrating face cream on before I go to sleep. It will keep the moisture in and the elements out. Also, you can put the bed sheet over your head; it is thin enough ... Read More »