Why do newborns always cry when there born?

Answer to get their first air and activate the lungs... wouldn't you cry too if you were being squeezed outta your moms vagingo.

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Why are babies always sleeping when they are born?

Not all babies are a sleep when they are born. Most of them are awake and crying. Go to to find out more information.

Mother is always there when a baby is cry?

It is within the mother, that she is aware of the cries of her baby. There are different types of crying. There are hunger gries, diaper-change cries, and even difficulty of burping cries. A mother... Read More »

I love onions, but I always cry when I cut them, is there a remedy to prevent crying?

I totally agree with the protective eyewear and refrigerating.But if you NEED to chop a lot of onions...Use a food processor.It contains the fumes.

Why do people always look in the fridge when they know there's nothing in there to eat?

Maybe because they're bored or hoping something will magically appear in there.