Why do new businesses fail?

Answer According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), 50 percent of small businesses fail after five years. New businesses fail due to lack of business experience, poor planning, limited capital, p... Read More »

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What percentage of new businesses fail in the first year?

According to Small Business Trends, approximately 25 percent of businesses fail within the first year. Business Know How adds that 66 percent of new businesses survive beyond two years, but only 44... Read More »

Do businesses pay VAT?

A company pays a value added tax (VAT) at different stages of manufacturing or distribution of a product. VAT is paid when more value is added to a product, and is calculated based on a percentage ... Read More »

How can businesses recycle?

Families recycle at home, separating metal, paper and plastic. But all too often, everything goes in one bin at work. Many businesses have begun to think about recycling as part of their environmen... Read More »

What Attracts New Businesses?

A good industry can put a city or state on the map, and any municipality will look at quality of life issues such as keeping its citizens gainfully employed. Many municipalities put a great emphasi... Read More »