Why do needles keep breaking when sewing with invisible thread?

Answer The type of materials used combined with the proper machine settings work in a symphony that allows smooth functioning of the equipment. When the tension or settings are not set properly damage oc... Read More »

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How to Make Invisible Thread With Wooly Nylon?

This is the easy way to make magicians "invisible thread" without spending your money on the kit. The string is quite hard, invisible and there is alot of the stuff!

When was sewing thread invented?

Sewing thread in one form or another has been around for thousands of years. Before people used cotton or silk thread, leather and twine were used for sewing thread. People even used plants, such a... Read More »

What causes thread bunching on the bottom of material when sewing?

Thread bunching underneath the fabric is called ''birdnesting." This occurs when there is no tension on the needle thread, which is used to pull the bobbin thread. It is suggested that you re-threa... Read More »

How to Thread Old Singer Model Sewing Machines With Pedals?

An antique treadle sewing machine is a great tool to use if you sew heavy materials such as denims. Machine quilters value Singer treadle machines in particular because of their ability to sew thro... Read More »