Why do nails split?

Answer Human fingernails can be good indicators of the state of health and hygiene. If the nails are healthy and clean, it's likely that the person is healthy and clean. Splitting and/or discolored nails ... Read More »

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How to Fix Split Nails?

Many women and an increasing number of men regularly care for their nails. They do so either at a professional nail salon or at home using nail tools such as nail files and buffers. Weak or brittle... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Split Nails?

Usually there is no underlying disease associated with split nails. Nails crack and split for several reasons but this condition can easily be rectified once you pinpoint the cause. You can make th... Read More »

Why Do Nails Split or Crack?

Onychoschizia, commonly known as "nail splitting," is a condition that causes horizontal splits and cracks within the nail plate. When combined with vertical splits, the condition is known as "brit... Read More »

How to Repair Split Nails?

A split nail can be very painful, but there are easy ways to repair it. I have always had strong, hard nails that are the envy of most women. They are as tough as the acrylic nails women pay hund... Read More »