Why do my teeth feel like they pop?

Answer The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the area directly in front of the ear on either side of the head where the upper jaw (maxilla) and lower jaw (mandible) meet. Within the TMJ, there are moving p... Read More »

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Why do my teeth feel like they just want to bite?

i get this alot, hence the reason why i chew my tongue (dont get that habit btw its not very nice)but its very strange i usually crave some meat or something chewy and then it passes whan i chew so... Read More »

Why would the front four adult teeth in your mouth feel like they aren't tight into your gums?

Answer It could be a case of overcrowding which is something an orthodontist can fix. Or it could be a lack of flossing and gum massage. You should consult a dentist if flossing doesn't help stre... Read More »

What can I do for my lips when they feel like they are on fire and all red?

put vaseline on before bedor there is a chapstick by chapstick brand called overnight.. its in a purple tubeit ACTUALLY works!or if you put a little honey around your lips overnight that helps as w... Read More »

What would cause a little girl to feel like they have to go poop out of where they go pee?

It depends on the peduncle … it always connects something to something else….(biology): Cerebral peduncle: a band of neurons, looking like a stalk, which connects various parts of the brain, en... Read More »