Why do my teeth feel like they pop?

Answer The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the area directly in front of the ear on either side of the head where the upper jaw (maxilla) and lower jaw (mandible) meet. Within the TMJ, there are moving p... Read More »

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My teeth feel like they're loose?

Why do my teeth feel like they just want to bite?

i get this alot, hence the reason why i chew my tongue (dont get that habit btw its not very nice)but its very strange i usually crave some meat or something chewy and then it passes whan i chew so... Read More »

How does it feel to have an appliance put on your teeth.?

It feels kind of like when you get the cuffs put on the molars for the braces anchors. The metal caps are the same shape as your tooth, so they're basically just glued on, and possibly pinched a li... Read More »

Why do my teeth feel funny?

you could have sensitive teeth. if that's the case, there are special tooth pastes you can use. or you could have a cavity or two. either way, go to a dentist. have them check it out. it could be n... Read More »