Why do my teeth feel funny?

Answer you could have sensitive teeth. if that's the case, there are special tooth pastes you can use. or you could have a cavity or two. either way, go to a dentist. have them check it out. it could be n... Read More »

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Why does our funny bone feel so odd when we hit it?

Not only is it not funny, it's not even a bone. Along the upper arm bone, there is a nerve that runs underneath the arm. When it reaches the elbow, the nerve is very close to the skin. When you bum... Read More »

Am I pretty at all, I feel so ugly it's not even funny?

Your beautiful in your own different, and unique way. You have beautiful hair.Your complexion is outstanding. And your smile is out of this world! "You are beautiful no matter what they say" - Chri... Read More »

I just quit cigarettes and feel funny!?

Read Alan Carr's easyway to quit smoking, it's brilliant. He suggests that you should imagine that nicotine is like a little beast in your stomach, and for the first three days, that beast will do ... Read More »

Does a person without bottom teeth sound funny or difficult to understand, especially on the phone d?

Have you talked to this person on the phone?