Why do my speakers make a popping sound?

Answer When using home audio systems, you might notice that your speakers occasionally make a popping or crackling sound. This can even occur when the speakers are on but not in use. There are several pos... Read More »

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Popping sound in JVC iPod dock speakers?

There are a few possibilities.One is that the dock is defective, in which case you should take advantage of its warranty.Another is that there are glitches in the files you are playing, or, even if... Read More »

Your desktop monitor has in-built speakers When you put in the headphone sound comes from both the headphone and the speakers How do you stop the sound from the speakers with headphone jack attached?

Answer headphones and speakers work Mine will do this if the headphone jack is not completely seated in the plug. Just give a little push and see if it goes on in any further, you may feel or hear ... Read More »

How to Make a Really Cool Popping Sound?

Have you ever watched old cartoons and heard that odd popping sound? Maybe you thought that was electric or a synthesizer. Well it may have been, but you can do it anytime with a finger and a cheek.

Why do televisions make that popping sound?

It is a form of digital interference (it sounds like 2 metal objects being whacked together). I will guess that the picture will freeze for a second as well , or you might even get a blue screen to... Read More »