Why do my new electric stove heating elements make on and off buzzing/humming noise?

Answer I expect that the connections to the new elements are not as tight as they were when new. Keep in mind a *LOT* of current goes through each element and that does create a significant magnetic field... Read More »

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How do I clean electric stove elements?

Basic CleaningRemove the elements from the cooled stove. Wipe the elements with a damp sponge or scrubbing pad and one or two drops of dish soap. Rinse the electric elements with clean water and dr... Read More »

You purchased a electric heating stove and you are trying to figure the amount of electric it would use It is 750 watts or 1500 watts 120V 60 Hz?

Watts are a unit of power, so you know how much power the unit will draw when it is "on." More details on that later.First, you are billed for electricity in kilowatt-hours (KWH). (Look at your lat... Read More »

Is aluminium foil safe to use on electric stove elements?

Aluminum foil can be used underneath electric stove elements to keep the drip pans clean. Do not use aluminum foil on the top portion of a stove or on the bottom of an oven, as placement in either ... Read More »

Heating element in stove broke can I replace it or do I have to buy a new stove?

You sure can buy a new one. I have done it many times. Get the model number and the brand name of your stove and you can even order one online. But if you have a place close by, it will be cheap... Read More »