Why do my knees hurt when I get no sleep?

Answer I've been up really late lately too. But, my knees don't hurt.I think maybe it has to do with the sexual positions used in your phone sex. Can you describe them so we can analyze you?

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My knees hurt when I run, why?

If the bone joints are very weak then this may also cause to pain. Lack of vitamin and calcium also leads to such issues. Make the inclusion of the natural food sources to strengthen the joints.

My knees crack and pop and crunch/hurt a lil when i squat?

I have the same problem. I may be 4"11 but Im a 14 yr old girl and i was the star runner in my highschool but because of the growing pains in my knees, ive lost that title. Its perfectly normal yet... Read More »

My knees hurt when I walk up and down stairs - why is this?

It could be bursitis, inflammation of the bursae. The bursae is the fluid filled sac under the kneecap and often causes problems because it is a weak point in the joint. It usually hurts more comin... Read More »

Why do my muscles hurt when I don't get enough sleep?

Your muscles definetly shouldn't be sore after sleeping if you didn't work out. This could be something minor, or even a serious illness. Soreness after you sleep is a symptom of Fibromyalgia, and ... Read More »