Why do my knees go in?

Answer Genetics? From wearing thongs/flip-flops? From not walking properly? From having a straight posture? No idea, to be honest - I have the same problem. My mum says that I will grow out of it, all my ... Read More »

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How can I fix my knees?

Pain in my knees.......?

That's almost exactly like what i've been having for the past couple of years. Some people in my family said that it might be growing pains or lack of exercise. Does it sometimes switch back and fo... Read More »

How to Shave Knees?

Shaving legs is a daily ritual for many women, but knee shaving carries the risk of a shaving rash or nicks and cuts from maneuvering over bumpy bones. Learn how to shave your knees without gettin... Read More »

How to Fix Knobby Knees?

There is no way to "fix" knobby knees. However, you can make them less noticeable with these simple tips.