Why do my joints hurt?

Answer Take a help of joint pain specialist i hope it would help you better . . .

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My ankle/wrist joints hurt like they're aching and cold, what is this?

Your pains can be due to tight tendons in those areas. You can free them up to get rid of the pains and here's how to free up your wrist tendons:Wrist:With hand resting in front of you with the pa... Read More »

Does it hurt when the needle the doctors put into your wrist hurt?

No, it only hurts a bit for a second. Tell the person doing it you are worried and ask them to explain it all to you.It will be okay.

I heard a pop in my knee, and it hurt really bad, I tried bending and it hurt even more?

That happened to me twice during my internship. I was very sedentary that Summer and then one day I was walking, did a little turn, nothing big or silly, and then CACOW!!! Cacow is supposed to be... Read More »

Did it hurt anyone the first time they had sex Because I am scared its going to hurt?

yes it will hurt, but it gets better the more you do it. and since you've been with him for 3 years im not going to give you the whole lecture about making sure he's the right guy; but just make su... Read More »