Why do my home lights flicker?

Answer Throughout the course of a day, a home's lights can flicker many times. Whether this should be a cause for concern depends on the source of the flickering.Poor ConnectionsPoor and unprotected elect... Read More »

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Do LED lights flicker?

Unlike other types of light, light-emitting diodes (LED) lights do not flicker during use. LED lights are composed of semi-conductor diodes that produce light when an electrical current passes thro... Read More »

What does It mean when lights flicker on and off?

Generally it's just what's usually referred to as a 'brown-out'- that is, when the generators at the power plant are straining to meet the demand for electricity.

Why Do HID Lights Flicker?

Unlike traditional light bulbs, high intensity discharge, or HID, bulbs emit light from a filament rather than from an arc discharge between two electrodes sealed in an airtight capsule of gas. HID... Read More »

Why do fluorescent lights flicker?

Fluorescent lights flicker for a number of reasons, most of which relate to electrical problems with the bulb. As they age, fluorescent lights have a natural tendency to flicker.StartersFluorescent... Read More »