Why do my head aches come and go?

Answer It’s probably stress related.Plagued with headaches from childhood to middle age I have had many different types: Migraines, Cluster, Allergic, Visual and mild. The following has helped me and ot... Read More »

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Any cures for head aches?

Headache There are many types of headaches and many causes to headaches. Now I'm a headache sufferer myself so I've tried a lot of these remedies. Hopefully these tips will help you as well. I will... Read More »

Do babies get head aches?

Yes Babys Get Head Aches Like Any Other Normal Person..Why No One Hasnt Answered This Yet Beats Me. Jus like all humans get belly aches babys get belly aches its the same with head aches. even tho ... Read More »

Is head aches and back pains a sign of pregnancy?

Are dizziness and head aches normal during pregnancy?

Answer You may indeed feel dizzy, particularly if you stand up suddenly or if late in pregnancy you are laying on your back.headaches are not normal, though if you are stressed they may come on.If... Read More »