Why do my google search results look different?

Answer I asked the same question here but no one answered. Luckily I discovered how to make it go back to the way it was: I cleared all the cache and cookies and it was normal again. Please give me a m... Read More »

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How can search results for any model product turn up on a Google search and ....?

Yes, Google offers that type of service! Somewhere along the way you must have said OK. Google will store your browsing history for all of the words and websites you search for. Also your searches ... Read More »

Where has 'Search within results' gone from google?

I watched the "Search within Results" option disappear yesterday with my own eyes. One moment it was there... then it was gone. Are they OUT OF THEIR MINDS?What's really interesting is that I went ... Read More »

What has the most search results on GOOGLE?

What has the most results if you search it on Google?

27,460,000,000 for .comPS Art is actually 1,270,000,000