Why do my eyes turn from dark brown to hazel when I'm at a beach?

Answer because of the natural light... its all to do with the UVs!natural light is stronger than synthetic so its just lift all colours... its the same with everything, hair colour, make up etc...when wor... Read More »

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How do you make hazel eyes dark brown?

Tinted contacts is the only way to "change" one's eye color.

If a guy has dark hair and dark brown eyes and the girl has red hair and brown eyes what would their baby look like?

Well, no one can really say because not only does the baby take after its mothers and fathers traits but it also matters on what the grandparents, aunts, and uncles looked like. If it were up to me... Read More »

Can hazel eyes and blue eyes make a brown eyed baby?

Hazel is a form of brown eyes. Brown eyes are a dominant gene, blue are recessive. The person with the hazel eyes has a brown eyed blood realitive and will carry the gene to create a brown eyed chi... Read More »

Can brown eyes and brown eyes make hazel eyes?