Why do my eyeballs hurt when i wear my contact for too long?

Answer It sounds like your eyes are not getting enough oxygen. check to make sure your contacts are the breathing kind. Your Eye Doctor should know that.

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How long can you wear extended wear contact lenses?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the silicone hydrogel or "super-permeable" extended wear contact lenses for continuous wear of up to 30 days, according to All About Vision. Other... Read More »

How long do you wear extended wear contact lenses?

Most extended wear contact lenses can be worn for seven days without removing them. However, some types of extended wear contact lenses have been approved for up to 30 days of wear without removal.... Read More »

Will you have body aches and will your eyeballs hurt in early pregnancy?

Answer No. Your tummy will ache but you wont have aching eyeballs.

How long can I wear one day contact lenses?

According to, a company that manufactures contact lenses, "you need to replace your contact lenses on a daily basis." In other words, one day contact lenses should not be worn for more ... Read More »