Why do my ears hurt when I fly in an airplane?

Answer Ear pain often occurs when an airplane changes altitude rapidly when taking off or descending for landing. An imbalance of pressure in the middle ear or eardrum is the reason your ears hurt when fl... Read More »

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Why do my ears hurt when I am in an airplane?

Airplane ear is a condition that causes pressure on the eardrum and parts of the middle ear. This pressure occurs when the air pressure inside an airplane is not the same as the air pressure in the... Read More »

Why do my ears hurt when i put on earrings?

yes it is infected. get some earring hole cleaning fluid from a piercing place and wash each ear out every time you take out and out in earrings until it stops.

Earrings That Don't Hurt Your Ears?

Not all earrings are created equal. Some of them are made of inferior metal which can irritate your ears. Even if your earrings are of high quality, you may be sensitive to certain types of metal. ... Read More »

Does having your ears pierced hurt?

They'll use what is called a 'gun' which are often small blocks these days, they work by pressure. The piercer will draw small dots where the piercing will be and let you see in the mirror. When yo... Read More »