Why do my dog's ears stink?

Answer Stinky dog ears are caused by a number of conditions, all of which require attention. Healthy dog ears should have no odor at all, but many dogs are prone to allergies, parasites and infections tha... Read More »

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Are stink bugs poisonous to dogs?

No. Maryland is over-run with stink bugs. My own dogs chase and eat them. One got sick after swallowing it, and vomited the bug back up. (the dog is alright!) I spoke with a very good vet in the c... Read More »

Are pig ears good for dogs?

On One Hand: Pig Ears are Dangerous and UnhealthyPig ears contain no nutritional value for a dog and are high in fat and full of preservatives. Eating a lot of pig ears can make a dog feel sick or ... Read More »

Why do dogs shake their ears?

Dogs shake their ears for numerous reasons. Occasional ear shaking is normal, particularly after dogs scratch their ears or get wet. When dogs get wet, they shake their entire bodies to dry off and... Read More »

Are pig ears good for dogs to eat?

On One Hand: Pig Ears Can Be UsefulPig ears are popular dog treats. Dogs need to chew on bones or similar items to help keep their teeth clean. Pig ears work well for this. They are also useful in ... Read More »