Why do my cupcakes sink in the middle?

Answer Is it Friday yet?Oh, as for the serious answer... your oven is too hot.Drop the temperature by 25 degrees.

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Why does my banana bread sink in the middle?

Like all quick breads, banana bread does not call for yeast and therefore requires no kneading or rising time. Follow the recipe carefully to achieve a golden brown, slightly domed top.Measure Bana... Read More »

What can cause a banana bread to sink in the middle?

The ideal loaf of banana bread has a nicely browned, tender crust and a domed top with a crack running lengthwise down the loaf. Banana bread can sink in the middle if the batter contains too much ... Read More »

Could this little mistake be causing my cakes to sink in the middle?

This could be a cause."Problem: Cake falls or does not rise well. If your homemade cake falls, or sinks in the center, it could be a variety of problems. Too much chemical leavener like baking soda... Read More »

Why are Vegan cupcakes more expensive the regular cupcakes?

Actually, the stuff you mention in conventional cupcakes is less expensive. A gallon of milk can be had for 1.50 or so. A gallon of soy / almond / hemp / rice / hazelnut / walnut / oat / etc. mil... Read More »