Why do my chest muscles refuse to grow?

Answer I think age is probably the biggest factor, particularly as you say you do the same routine as your brother. Do you know if your diet is the same as his? Yours sounds fairly good to me.Dumbbell pre... Read More »

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Chest muscles and how it works ?

Use less weight, and proper form. When you're coming down on your lift, make sure you feel the contraction in your chest muscle, and also when you're pushing back up. Focus on sticking your shoulde... Read More »

How to Work out Chest Muscles Without Weights?

For men who work out, the chest muscles are a group that should never be neglected. A muscular body without a matching muscular chest will look uneven and out of place. For women who work out, ches... Read More »

How to Get Bigger Chest Muscles (Pecs)?

Want bigger pecs? Well here are some simple exercises that will help you get better pecs.

Can you build chest muscles with 5lb dumbells?

yes push ups are mainly enduranceif you want an actual built chest, you need HEAVY weights. a weight thats heavy for you. unless 5 lbs are heavy for you...they wont build any muscle