Why do my brown "liver spots" on back of hands turn white when subjected to water?

Answer That's odd, I've never heard of age spots temporarily changing color. Does it only happen with cold water? It could be related to circulation.

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The pregnant question monitoring stress turned my hair white. How am I supposed to turn it back to brown?

How to Get Rid of Brown Age Spots on the Hands?

Age spots are brown discolorations that develop on the back of the hands, face, neck, shoulders and arms. Although the actual cause of age spots has been debated, research indicates that prolonged ... Read More »

What are those brown spots in the white part of the eye?

Those are moles. You shouldn't be bothered. It's just normal. But they can be surgically removed if you want.

What kind of bird egg is white with brown spots?

The most common bird eggs that are white with brown spots are those from the house sparrow or the house wren. However, the house sparrow's eggs can range in color from white to pale blue or green a... Read More »