Why do my breasts hurt?

Answer have no fear! haha :Pits normal ^.^ they are growing so naturally you're going to have some growing pains. (:

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How early in pregnancy do breasts begin to hurt?

Answer Some women do not get tender breasts at all. In my first pregnancy my breasts were so tender about 3 days after my missed period that I couldn't bewar them being touched, in my second I ha... Read More »

If your breasts hurt does this mean you are pregnant?

Answer Having sore or tender breasts does not always mean that the person is pregnant. When I first started going through puberty at age 12, I would notice that my breasts would become sore or t... Read More »

How many days after implantation should breasts hurt?

One of the earliest noticeable signs of pregnancy is breast pain or tenderness. Some women notice pain earlier than others, while others might not feel it at all. The tenderness normally tapers off... Read More »

At 11 and a half weeks pregnant is it normal if your breasts do not hurt anymore?

Answer Yes, some women never have breast tenderness and some have it the entire pregnancy. All women are different. Your breasts may become sore again later on. They be get sore off and on the e... Read More »