Why do mothers treat their adopted child better than their biological child?

Answer Mothers need to be able to bond with their new adopted child and therefore needs to show a lot of love towards them. Loving them a lot as if they were your own child will increasingly strengthen yo... Read More »

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Can an adopted child choose to live with their biological parent instead of their adoptive parents?

Answer Once a person is adopted, all legal rights between the biological parents and their child are severed. An adopted child has no legal right to choose to live with their biological parents. Th... Read More »

Do parents have the right to restrict their adopted child from seeing their biological parents?

If you're in the US... If the child is a minor (under 18), absolutely the adoptive parents can restrict them from seeing the biological parents (who have no legal rights to the child whatsoever). O... Read More »

How many biological parents that put their child up for adoption take back their child each year?

They are still just called their mother or godmother.Another answer:It depends on the preference of the birth mother. If she wants to be called Mother, or Mom, or Bio-Mom, or whatever -- let her ch... Read More »

Should an adopted child be given the choice of contacting their biological parents?

yes they definitely should because it is what the child wants not anyone else~ BRIANNA Well too add on to that, i think that they should. It wouldn't be right ffor a child to live with a person who... Read More »