Why do mothers get custody of their children over the fathers?

Answer There are many reasons. Historically, mothers are more often the care givers even when they work outside the home. Also, fewer fathers want full custody of their children.

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How could you go about signing over the rights of your children to their mothers?

Answer I would suggest to abstain from sex because you are getting into very expensive territory with lawyers. I have no idea how many children you have, but you should be paying child support or ... Read More »

Are fathers suing to redress the custody bias in favor of mothers?

Yes.The "'times they are a-changin'".There are numerous men's organizations that assist father's to gain equal rights concerning the custody, visitation and support of their children regardless of ... Read More »

Why do mothers alienate children from fathers?

Many times a women alienate children from their fathers because they themselves do not wish to have contact with the father. Therefore; children get alienated due to an unintended consequence.I am ... Read More »

Do mothers normally get custody of minor children?

Although fathers are sometimes awarded full custody, shared custody is becoming more and more commonplace; however, mothers usually receive full custody of children in a divorce. According to Jona... Read More »