Why do mothers alienate children from fathers?

Answer Many times a women alienate children from their fathers because they themselves do not wish to have contact with the father. Therefore; children get alienated due to an unintended consequence.I am ... Read More »

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Why do mothers get custody of their children over the fathers?

There are many reasons. Historically, mothers are more often the care givers even when they work outside the home. Also, fewer fathers want full custody of their children.

If the fathers name was never on the birth certificate can the mother change the minors children's last name to their step fathers name without the biological fathers approval in North Carolina?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

To everyone; mothers, fathers, grandparents...!!!!!?

thanks for that and hope your daughter gets well soon!

Birth mothers AND fathers, what goes through you're minds, before, after, and forever?

I've told my story on here many times. I'm a birthmom, it was 1972, closed adoption, boyfriend was off to Viet Nam, his parents thought giving her up was the way to go, we'd "get over it". Being un... Read More »