Why do most vegetarians eat fish?

Answer Real vegetarians don't eat fish.I'm vegetarian and I think it's annoying when people eat fish and claim to be vegetarian. The whole point of vegetarianism is to not eat animals. I wish they wouldn'... Read More »

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Why don't vegetarians eat fish isn't eating fish healthy?

By definition, vegetarians do not eat fish. If a person were to eat fish, then she could not be a vegetarian. The most popular reasons for not eating fish seem to be moral and ethical, ahead of hea... Read More »

Why do vegetarians eat fish?

Actual vegetarians do not eat fish. Some people are confused or misinformed about weather fish can be included in a vegetarian diet(it cannot). Someone who eats fish is not a vegetarian, they are a... Read More »

I don't get it..that vegetarians eat fish.....?

No, she was a confused pescetarian.A lot of people still think vegetarians eat fish, including Jillian McKeith - and her whole career is food!

Why do some vegetarians eat fish ?

Vegetarians do not eat fish.Those people have a special name, its "confusing wannabees".You'll find they upset all vegetarians with thier nonsense. Just look at all the thumbs down for the fishy an... Read More »