Why do most runway models these days look like skeletal victims of the Holocaust or like vampires?

Answer Because designers only make clothes for racks of bones!!! Sorry, I don't care to look anorexic. (lol, I could stand to lose a few lbs!)I would love to see a pear shaped model on the runway. It's a... Read More »

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Wouldn't it be nicer if this is how top and runway models are?

YES i totally agree all types should be welcomePLEASE ANSWER MINE TOO IT WOULD MEAN A LOT;_ylt=AsLGrdP.RsbhmxiNDZfs9Unty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120909055018AAuRLFz

Ideal Measurements for Runway models?

A really good website for aspiring models (like you) is you go to the forums, you can ask the people there any questions you'd like. But, generally, the ideal measurements are:... Read More »

Is the movie little vampires better then twilight, since it kept the myth of vampires?

I assume you mean "The Little Vampire" 2000No but also yes (well kind of)The "No":There is no such thing as a "myth of vampires" or a correct myth of vampires. The commonly known myth of vampires i... Read More »

Who first called the Holocaust"the Holocaust"?

The term “Holocaust” derives from an ancient Greek word meaning, “sacrifice by fire.” No single person first used the term. As early as 1941, the term Holocaust described the destruction o... Read More »