Why do most people trim down their plants and shrubs and even trees in Early Spring?

Answer It's called pruning and it's to remove previous years' growth that makes the plant unattractive or less productive. It's done in all countries. Not everyone cares about the appearance of their prop... Read More »

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Which plants, shrubs or trees need to be pruned in early Spring and why?

Pruning a shrub keeps it in shape and looking its best. It helps to force new growth deeper into the plant and make it fuller.Any shrub that flowers in the spring should be trimmed right after flo... Read More »

Plants or Shrubs That Grow Well Under Pine Trees?

When choosing plantings for areas under pines you should consider not only lack of light, but soil quality as well. Dropped pine needles acidify soil, so choose plants that can tolerate partial sha... Read More »

Early Spring Blooming Trees?

Many gardeners decide to use early spring blooming trees to add splashes of colors to their gardens. Some use a mixture of early blooming trees and late blooming trees to add color throughout the g... Read More »

Can I prune my peach trees in early spring in Maine?

In Maine, prune your peach trees in early spring, between March and April, when the tree is dormant. Pruning at any other time increases the risk of damage to the tree.Source:North Dakota State Uni... Read More »