Why do most people pay for cable when you can have it for free via satellite?

Answer You have to get your internet somehow. Armstrong Cable where I am provides phone, internet, and cable as a package deal that you simply can't beat. If you watch a particular show everyday you will ... Read More »

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How old are most people when they have babies?

Um I say 15 and up. (Same answer but in English) Um yo digo 15 hasta. (Same answer but in Spanish) Yes i think about mid 20s but people have babies in their late 40s - Whenever is right :/I LOVE B... Read More »

How are cable television ratings performed and Do cable outlets have a way to determine how many people are watching a particular show?

Cable companies have no way of knowing what you are watching. Television ratings are performed by companies like Nielson. They can put a device in your home that hooks up to your cable outlet and t... Read More »

I don't have cable nor satellite TV, can I receive HD TV signal using regular indoor antenna?

Yes and NO !! No, you can't use a "regular" indoor antenna for HDTV reception -but YES- you can purchase an antenna specifically made for receiving Network HDTV programs.Terk makes a good HDTV ante... Read More »

How many people have satellite TV?

Though a recent official source stating the number of people that subscribe to satellite TV is not easily accessible, a 1999 report by the U.S. government stated that "nearly 10 million people subs... Read More »