Why do most (not all) vegitarians eat fish?

Answer They aren't actually a vegetarian then are they? it sounds like a bunch of girls trying to be "cool" by saying they are Veg.They would be a Pescatarian.The word “pescatarian” is occasionally us... Read More »

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Can Vegitarians eat Fish?

A true vegetarian would not eat fish, however some people will include fish in their diet, if they are only adverse to eating mammals and poultry. I've even heard of some people call themselves veg... Read More »

Are vegitarians intellegent than non-vegitarians Why?

No of course not, nor are they less intelligent - and no small and unsupported studies can prove that they are.As a vegan, I'm often embarrassed on V&V by the way some other veg*ns quote and link t... Read More »

Why do most vegetarians eat fish?

Real vegetarians don't eat fish.I'm vegetarian and I think it's annoying when people eat fish and claim to be vegetarian. The whole point of vegetarianism is to not eat animals. I wish they wouldn'... Read More »

What is the most tastiest fish to eat?

I agree with you mackerel is a lovely fish and most underrated. if you like a real taste bomb try some Manx kippers, real ones, not boil in the bag supermarket stuff, pop the little chaps under t... Read More »