Why do most guys seem to only talk about sex?

Answer There hormones start to get crazy. And they enjoy having sex. No one can really explain why they talk about it so much. I guess they talk to their friends about it because they want to be known as ... Read More »

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***GUYS ONLY***What physcial traits are most attractive in a woman?

1. Curvy2. Casual / Preppy3. Medium (Black, Brown) Curly or Straigh4. Brown / Hazel 5. Extroverted6. Light-Skin / White7. NaturalIt starts with the face, then works downward for me. I am attracted ... Read More »

MJ fans: what are some unbiased, authorised books about MJ I want books that not only talk about his music?

Michael Jackson Treasures talks about his whole life & career & has fan Memorabillia inside

Guys only. What's something odd you find irresistible about a girl?

skinny jeans..... ah they're extremely hot

What do girls like most about guys =O?

hair, eyes, lips, body, smile/teeth, PERSONALITY!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha