Why do most guys seem to only talk about sex?

Answer There hormones start to get crazy. And they enjoy having sex. No one can really explain why they talk about it so much. I guess they talk to their friends about it because they want to be known as ... Read More »

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About what? But guys are pretty straightforward. so just talk about stuff they like. If you know what football/other sports team they like talk about that. or if it's to flirt talk abouthow lonely ... Read More »

How to Talk to Hot Russian Guys (Teens)?

You know what's all the rage these days? French guys? Nope. Keep guessing...Italians? Getting's Russians. If your someone who wants to get noticed by one, you're in the right place.

Do guys talk differently to pretty girls?

If you are looking at a boy you find unattractive, would you be as friendly and open? Of course not. If you are, they might think you are interested in them. Further, if you find someone or some... Read More »

How to Talk to Guys at a Concert (Teen Girls)?

Have you ever gone to a small rock concert, house of blues or similar places, and been standing next to a cute guy? But you have no idea what to talk about besides music? Follow these steps and you... Read More »