Why do most college students use Wikipedia when doing research?

Answer Reading the paper in your question reminded me strongly of another paper I read which was related to Wikipedia.In "Toward an Epistemology of Wikipedia" (< >), Don... Read More »

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Summer Research Programs for College Students?

Many schools provide summer research opportunities for college students. These research programs may be a requirement of a certain program and provide the student with additional education and trai... Read More »

Is using wikipedia for a source valid on a college research assignment?

No, it's not valid, and some professors are deducting full grades for the mere mention of it or even banning it outright. On a college admissions tour for my nephew, one of the professors told me h... Read More »

Why isn't Wikipedia a not considered a credible reference source in college research?

Because Wikipedia is a tertiary level source - that is its articles are summaries of what has been published elsewhere. These secondary sources are listed at the bottom of the article page in the r... Read More »

Wikipedia is a great learning tool, but it is not a credible reference source to use for college research?

I agree that is a good starting point for college research and agree that the sources cited within the Wikipedia articles should be considered on a case-by-case base as credible references.I agree ... Read More »