Why do mosquitos bite some people but not others?

Answer Mosquitoes have very sensitive receptors located on their antenna. The can easily smell carbon dioxide in humans.

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Why don't mosquitos bite me ?

Youre complaining?Its the female Mosquito that does the biting and they use a combination of body heat (to sense where the blood passes close under the skin) and smell.IF you eat a lot of garlic or... Read More »

Can you feel mosquitos bite?

No. You just get really itchy afterwards.

Why does a mosquitos bite make you itch?

When one bites you, it wants your blood. To keep the wound they create open, and with blood running freely, they excrete saliva which is a blood thinner into your body. Your body then responds to t... Read More »

Why do some people get bitten by Mosquitos and others dont?

I was under the impression that they were attracted by smell especially smelly feet. Me and my kids get bitten all the time and we have REALLY SMELLY FEET!