Why do monks shave their heads?

Answer For centuries, monks have voluntarily shaved their heads as a form of religious expression. Monks shave off either all their hair or only part of it, depending on the religious order they are in. H... Read More »

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Why do friars shave their heads?

When friars shave their head, they are practicing tonsure, the physical demonstration of their commitment to the service of God. This centuries-old practice is rarely seen among Catholic clergy tod... Read More »

How do I Shave Brush Heads?

Brush heads are found on all kinds of brushes, from paintbrushes to makeup brushes to cleaning brushes. These heads typically contain small soft or semi-soft fibers that cling to small particles. M... Read More »

Do enlistees need to shave their heads before reporting?

No, you will receive your personal, custom deisgned recruit hair style during the first week after reporting for basic training.

Does the Virginia Military Institute shave women's heads like the men?

The Virgininia Military Institute believes in treating men and women exactly the same. After women get their heads shaved, they can't grow it back longer than 4 inches.