Why do monitors have bad speakers?

Answer Size matters.Not much room left over for speakers in a monitor so they are small and tinny sounding...sorta like laptop speakers for same reason.Any medium priced speaker system will do for most of... Read More »

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Can i use dj speakers and an amp as studio monitors for my PC?

Most! DJ Speakers are built with an amp inside of them. You should not need am amp at all!

How to Use Floor Monitors as PA Speakers?

As a public speaker or a musical performer, you want the sound you create to carry far enough for your audience to hear. However, you may not always have access to PA equipment that is traditionall... Read More »

Is There PC Monitors With Built-In Speakers?

Yes there is. Check your favorite online retailer or just go into a computer store and ask.

Running 4 4ohms speakers with 2 8ohms monitors via Inuke3000?

You should not mix a 4 and 8 OHM speaker together. You can only use one speaker for the left and right channel. You are going to put your power amp in danger of burning out. Hope this will help you... Read More »