Why do moms like the youngest child the most?

Answer I think mb because the mother thinks of the child still as a baby and the other child older ( obviously ) and more mature and should be able to handle things better as for the younger child a baby ... Read More »

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A few curious questions about Cave-moms (prehistoric moms). How do you think their mothering style was like?

-If there was pain, they probably just dealt with it, because really what else could they do?-If they couldn't breastfeed, they probably found another nursing mother to wet nurse, or the baby would... Read More »

Do you ever feel like APs here, who are most likely peers (or younger) treat you like a child?

Dear Sunny,I have noticed that there is a lot of "talking down" all over YA but I think it might have something to do with the way the avatars look - everyone looks like they're 15. LOL!There are s... Read More »

Who is the youngest child genius?

How old is the youngest child to have a baby?