Why do mom sex abuses there boys?

Answer Answer From reading your question I get the feeling you are a young boy. If this is happening to you or another boy that you know please tell someone that is a adult you can trust,such as a Teache... Read More »

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What are abuses of TV?


What if your dad abuses you and your mom's dead?

Call the cops NOW!!!!! What your dad is doing is ILLEGAL!! Call and tell them every thing. Your dad will most likely be put in jail and you can live with another family member. I hope all goes well... Read More »

What Are the Abuses of Sharia Law?

Some of the common myths and misconceptions about Islam concern sharia. The term and the concept are poorly understood, even by some Muslims. It is this lack of understanding that makes it harder t... Read More »

Who does one contact about CIA abuses?

Certainly, but it's no more likely than any other job. Most CIA employees drive desks and crunch data.