Black Beans Red Beans Or Lima Beans Which do you like better?

Answer Hmm .. I guess black beans. One of my friends made an amazing south beach diet soup with black beans and it was very good.

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Beans Peas Or Green Beans Which do you like better?

Baked Beans, northern white beans, green beans, pinto beans, Black eyed peas, sweet peas. Got to love those starches! All we need is some meat, mashed tators, cornbread. Yummy we have a nice southe... Read More »

I don't like beans but will I like Black Bean Burgers?

If the spices are right, it can be delicious.

How do you like to eat your beans?

My three favorites and my favorites ways to eat them:Garbanzo beans - falafel (baked if you're cutting back on fat), curries, soups, faux tuna salad (just sub mashed chick peas for tuna), on a sala... Read More »

What do dookie beans look like?

small red beans with a thin white strip