Why do men tell women on the inter net they are not married when they are?

Answer cause they're shits

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Y do women say they want a big penis but when they get it they get scared?

Do women intentionally wear loose low cut tops so that when they bend over forward, they can show their breast?

Blame men ! They are the ones that invented the bra and the tops! It's what you all wanted!

Do you ever think it is wrong to tell people to "try foster care" when they say they want a baby?

To say "Try foster care" to someone who wants to adopt a baby is wrong and there's no point in saying it really...If someone wants to adopt, they're not going to try foster care just because someon... Read More »

How to you tell a person they tatto they got doesnt mean what they think it does?

I would just straight up tell them. Probably your best bet